About us

The Artist Loft promotes musicians, performers, and venues along the beautiful Oregon Coast.

We feel that the most important type of music currently is local artists. Along the Oregon Coast there is a pretty great scene of musi- cians and performers, sharing their love for creating. For fans and musicians alike, the Oregon Coasts thriving local live music commu- nity offers many musical genres from rock to country, from blues to jazz, and reggae to hip hop.

We love live music! The energy of a live show can be felt!

Bands and artists pour all of their hearts & power into their live performances, and while the crowd is feeding off of that energy, the band is feeding off of the crowd’s. As those of you that have been able to experience that circle of energetic freedom can attest; there’s nothing quite like it. That’s why we want to tell you about the many talented musicians, performers, and venues along the Ore- gon Coast.

We hope to profile many of these creative and dedicated musicians on our website and Facebook page as well as keeping you in- formed of the venues where great music can be found.

We invite you to visit the website often, follow us on Facebook and twitter, subscribe to our newsletter. And go out and see some of the great live music that the Oregon Coast has to offer!