Dyl & Dil

'We're inspired by music with a meaning, music with a message'

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The Artist Loft Promoting Music and Art on the Oregon Coast is pleased to introduce to you Dilln Dyl. Also known and Dylan and Dillan.

The story of how Dylan and Dillan came together to form the sardonic and harmonic duo starts back in 3rd grade. With both of them having the same name, and with both of their last names starting with H, they were aptly dubbed "Dillan with an i" and "Dylan with a y".

They now play open mic in the area as much as possible and are alway looking for ways to expand their perfomance experience. With intense help from John, a new show at So it Goes was lined up. After a little over a month of practice, Dillan vs Dylan: the cosmic rumble was born! Since then, the two have continued playing together, melding the harmonious melodies of Dylan with the shouted cadences of Dillan to form a hodgepodge of sounds and songs.

We are please to bring you Dill n Dyl!

For more information about Dill n Dyland to see their Facebook page follow the link below.