Daren Jackson

'Without people backing you up, music can be a lonely place.

Fortunately, I have an amazing family that believes in me even when maybe I don't'

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The Artist Loft-Promoting Music and Art on the Oregon Coast is pleased to announce the interview and performance of our friend Daren Jackson!

Daren has an extensive professional background performing before live audiences beginning as a young man singing karaoke, followed by his work as a vocalist for a band, and finally working in at the Hollywood Casino in Joliet Illinois as a Toby Keith and Garth Brooks impersonator. While performing at the casino Daren was recruited to perform his own show at Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort in Utica Illinois.

Daren has performed locally in The Voice competition, the 80’s Rewind 2 Show and Little Ole Opry on the Bay at the Liberty Theatre in North Bend.

Daren is proud to say that he has unwavering support from his family and friends who have believed in him up from the beginning.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are so happy to bring you Daren Jackson!!!