Doro Reeves

'...listen to great music from the very most formative period of your life

and something is bound to rub off.'

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The Artist Loft-Promoting Music and Art on the Oregon Coast is pleased to announce the interview and performance of the very talented Doro Reeves!
Doro was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Oakland, California. Both parents were classical music lovers, and their love of music rubbed off on her. She began playing by ear at age six, then started on lessons by age eight, and was composing by age ten. By age thirteen she was composing baroque music; then at seventeen she discovered jazz.
In the 1980s she formed an eclectic trio called Northwind with her husband Lorin Noller and a sax player named Gary MacCready. This group cut three albums (River Flight, Fireshadows and Circles In The Fire) and went on nine national tours. Doro has since played in various bands, including an all-women's funk band called the Pearl Divers in Santa Cruz, California.
Since moving to Oregon she has played in Michael Brumit's groups, Soul Patch and Soul Pie, which favored Motown, blues and swing; also with Nancy McIntosh's blues band Next Exit. And she paired up with Tom Beckstrom to form the Harvest Time Duo, playing mostly her own compositions with Tom on drums. Currently both Doro & Lorin are frequent participants in the local Orcoast Open Mics in North Bend.
Ladies and gentlemen...Doro Reeves!
All music performed in this video by Doro Reeves is copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed without the expressed consent of the artist.