Jadess Reah

Music, in a sense, has shaped Jadess into who she is today. It feeds her soul and keeps her going through good times and bad.

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The Artist Loft is very proud to announce the interview and performance of Jadess Reah. Jadess worked with Steve when he had the Blue Iguana many years ago, when Jadess was just finding her voice and Steve didn’t yet have grey hairJ

Jadess was raised in Salem Oregon and since first grade was involved in anything music that she could get her hands on. From talent shows, to school plays, Jadess loved having the chance to show her voice to all.

Today she takes any chance she can get to sing karaoke, or participate in projects such as The Artist Loft. Even though Jadess once had the dream of becoming a singer full time, she enjoys singing just for her own enjoyment without needing any approval from a record company.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to Jadess Reah.

The videos below are from Jadess's visit to The Blue Iguana in 2015.