Nathan Sloan

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January 24th Nathan Sloan will be releasing the "Crooked Us" music video from his EP "Jeb", directed by Sam Lasko.
EP "Peter".

Spending the majority of his childhood surrounded with jazz, funk, and classical music, this all became a solid foundation for Nathan Sloan. With loads of outside influence, Nathan Sloan began creating music at age 4. Never settling for just one genre, Nathan has gone back and forth between tastes, leading up to an experimental style of independent pop that permeates his art. Beginning his career in Cleveland at the ripe age of 15, Nathan quickly became respected amongst Cleveland DJs, producers, rappers, and promoters for his unique sound and ability to make high quality instrumentals very quickly, in high volumes. Before turning 18, Nathan Sloan had shared the bill with acts such a Big Sean, Devin Tha Dude, Mexicans With Guns, The Jazz Mafia, Emancipator, The Cool Kids, Ray Cash, Chevy Woods, on Rootwire Festival 2011, on Ingenuity Festival Cleveland 2011, on Ohio Brite Winter Music Festival, etc. After a brief stint in Hollywood working for rapper Riff Raff, and working on several albums, including the full production of Ben West's (Savage Squad) "FRANK". Nathan moved to coastal Oregon to work on his EP "Peter", and forthcoming release "Jeb".
-Paul Zollo (American Songwriter Magazine)


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