Taylor Mcnamee

'It has given me a huge jump in confidence to be able to sing in front of people'

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Taylor McNamee is a local girl who started singing karaoke as a young child when she visited her great grandfathers home each week for breakfast. It was a weekly family ritual to gather around the karaoke machine and sing and was a great way for Taylor to begin the journey of getting over her stage fright.

Taylor recently was a contestant in the local Voice competition and was honored to have placed third among a group of many talented performers. Taylor is thankful for the help she received from Kevin Scott as her coach during the local Voice competition and continues her karaoke adventure every chance she gets. Taylor rocked the house during the 80’s Rewind Show at the Liberty Theatre last year and will rock her way into your hearts with her performance that was videotaped during her visit at the Artist Loft a few weeks ago.

Taylor honors her great grandfather each time she performs and is thankful for the support she has received from her Mother, her friends and her family for the love and support they have always shown her.

Taylor is a beautiful, bright, and talented young woman who we consider an honor and privilege to have had in the studio. Ladies and gentlemen…we present to you Taylor McNamee!