Shaymus Hanlin

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Shaymus Hanlin is a 16 year old vocalist who is currently living a double life as a junior at North Bend High School by day and a training/performing vocalist by night! He blends the two as best he can by starting his school day with 7:00 AM Jazz Choir, ending it with Select Choir and in between has a class in Music Theory.

Hanlin has been in his school choirs since sixth grade and at age 13 he auditioned and was excepted into “Middle School Boys Choir” performing at the All-State Gala Concert in the Hult Center, Eugene. At 14 he sang his first solo for a school competition, (I’ve Got The World On A String) and repeated it two days later at the year-end choir concert. He received a great audience reception and decided that night he was going to be a singer.

Shaymus has never wavered from that night and his desire has only intensified. He started private vocal lessons, entered competitions, sang at local benefit concerts, started seeking out his own gigs, and performed at Summer, and Christmas Opry at the local Liberty Theater.

In his freshman year he joined Oregon Coast Lab Band, a group of training young jazz musicians, as vocalist, he performed with them locally and at the Southern Oregon Music Festival in Medford OR, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2016. He made All-Northwest Jazz Choir performing in Bellevue, WA. By now he knew jazz was his first love. When performing at the Clambake Music Festival in March of 2017, he had his greatest thrill when he was asked to sing two numbers with Phat Cat Swinger! They were so encouraging to him. He has followed Marco Palos' advise and greatly increased his social media presence.

Now at 16 he performs solo gigs all year round, and is the lead singer of Bay City Swing. A local jazz band that is associated with Oregon Coast Lab Band. He will be returning to the Egyptian Theatre with Bay City Swing to open for The Dustbowl Revival on February 21st 2018.

You can reach Shaymus at 541-297-9982, or

Check out his Facebook page @shaymushanlin!