The Naughty Sweethearts

The Naughty Sweethearts 2

Naughty Sweethearts play traditional music in a nontraditional way.

Synthesizers, vocal gymnastics, and face-melting licks bring new life to classic jazz and blues.

Naughty Sweethearts, made up of Alex Klivecka on banjo and harmonica and Megan Alder on guitar, write music in their off-grid cabin in the Columbia River Gorge in Southern Washington. They perform funky original tunes and their upbeat selection of Americana.

Alex Klivecka is a former tech industry nerd who had a nervous breakdown in 2014 and dropped out. He gave away all his belongings except for a banjo and a backpack and slipped into a dark period. He landed in Seattle living in a tent playing on the street where he met Megan Alder in 2016, a farm hand bumming around the country after quitting her day job. The two bought a van and started playing music all over the country because life is better with music in it.

Now after a winter in New Orleans, the couple lives in the Washington woods focusing exclusively on their craft. The band’s new original songs are full of energy and groove. With the acoustic instrumentation of traditional roots music and the swagger of New Orleans stomp the Sweethearts have developed a hybrid sound that will keep ears entertained. There are funky rhythms, powerful vocals, and fast-flying licks. See them play and you will leave smiling.